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Breaking the myths around retirement living

For some a retirement village offers the perfect blend of security, community and low-maintenance living. However, there’s a few common myths about village life that we’re here to clear up.

A retirement village is for old people.

Retirement villages offer the independence of living in your own low-maintenance apartment or villa, in a welcoming community. You maintain your own autonomy while reaping the benefits of village life through its social community.

I’ll lose my independence.

For many a retirement village offers a safe and secure environment that gives them more time to enjoy hobbies or the company of friends. Moving to a village means eliminating the worry of maintaining a large house and garden, whilst still enjoying the privacy of your own home.

Retirement villages aren’t good value for money.

Retirement villages are an affordable way to downsize from the family home and free up equity. Before moving in, we’ll calculate the exact amount you can expect to pay before, during and after your stay. There’ll be no unexpected fees or charges.

If you’re interested in rightsizing and think it’s the next step in your journey, contact the friendly team at Uniting, and ask about the upcoming retirement village located in Yamba. Call 1800 864 846 or visit