Bravehearts – soggy but playable

There was no formal match last Tuesday week, but we enjoyed our first day on Maclean Golf Course with no cart restrictions at last. If you believe that. I’ll try another one… the course was perfect, and we all had a mild case of sunburn!

Seriously folks, it was great to get back in the buggy and meander around the roped off areas while swinging away with abandon. Members had a ball (excuse the pun) and lost several in the soft turf. Rewards were still there for the best performances including chocolates for every player.

Our games are now being commenced at 8 – 9am and are still being sponsored but our good friends at Caperberry Cafe, The Italian on the Hill restaurant as well as Yamba Cinemas.

So, come out to the course and play with us, every (friendly) body welcome, you’ll have a great time.