Bravehearts at Maclean

Tuesday October 1

Another morning of Stableford golf with new member Hector Daley (h/cap 15) romping in with 21 points and picking up the large box of chocolates.

Second equal were Garry Stockwell (h/cap 27, winning the Caperberry $20 voucher) and Mick Rogers (h/cap 27) who took home a bottle of claret.

The two Geoff’s, Dickie & Ryan, grabbed Bradman’s for their efforts, taking home a free pass to Yamba Cinema and the Italian in the Hill Restaurant pass.

NTPs were on the 2nd, Garry Stockwell (shortbread biscuits) and on the 7th Hector Daley (Tartan Pizza meal and drink). Thanks again to our very generous sponsors who really make our events exciting and our hearts go out to our friends at Sassafras, Stevie and Lauren. We are waiting for your re-opening so we can pay you a special visit.

See you next Tuesday for more golfing enjoyment at Maclean GC at 9am.

Gary Taylor