Brave New World


“Business-as-usual” whatever the cost in some places and the strong bulldozer effect has resulted in a number of good Liberal Moderate politicians being thrown under a bus, and it’s still not even an electric bus.

Widespread rain continues. Increasing numbers of people have lost their homes or have homes severely damaged by both bushfires and now floods. And increasing numbers of people are now unable to buy homes or even find security when renting properties. So, the people have spoken.

We want those we elect to change direction, so we don’t end up where we are heading, for we, the people, value our children and grandchildren as much as we value ourselves.

David Morrison, Chief of the Army put it this way in his leadership speech on 13th August 2021:- “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.” 

And at last, we get this, and we expect the new government we have elected to also get it and act with integrity and get on with adequately addressing the challenges Australia faces now. We do not have time for just another pre-election promise.

And when our new government does deliver the goods, we will be able to look our children in their eyes and honestly tell them we gave their future our best shot.

Harry Johnson, Iluka