Brave Battlers

They were a hardy lot that turned out last Tuesday, all of them, because it was really crisp! We played Stableford on the second nine at Maclean Golf Course and Linda Goodwin, on 17 points, shared first prize with Trevor Wright. Linda also managed the nearest the pin award on the 17th hole as well, great work, a bottle of red wine is waiting for you Linda. Trevor was happy to settle for three new “brick” golf balls kindly donated by Phil Meek. Thanks Phil.

We also had a first look at our new signage on the course, thanks to Denise Patten who created them on her laptop. She’s been awarded a bottle of French Champagne for her trouble.

The second NTP on the 11th went to “The Rake” John Hopkins who was tickled and shared his prize the decadent chocolate chip cookies award with all players and staff present. They were delicious, nont many left for Marilyn though!

Next Tuesday its on again, 8.30-9am, Stableford on the 1st nine so turn up early and practice your putting while you wait.

Thanks to all our sponsors which include Caperberry Cafe, Sassafras, The Italian on the Hill Restaurants and Yamba Cinema.

See you on the course!