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“Boysness” as usual


Great coverage in the Independent about the peaceful March 4 Justice in Iluka. 

No wonder more than 100,000 participated in the peaceful March 4 Justice rallies Australia-wide.

Just have a look at our rape statistics per 100,000 on the World Population site. Is it any wonder that so many people are now so disgusted and angry at the way women continue to be treated by men in positions of power in Australia today?

And what sort of justice and decency is shown to our  female Federal politicians and staffers while the present Federal government is still in power?

Today the world is changing incredibly quickly and now more than ever we need real leadership, leadership from the top from politicians we can trust, for as the very worthy David Morrison, the Australian of the Year 2016 said: “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.” 

In Federal politics “boysness as usual” is no longer acceptable and a step in the Right direction would be to change our present Federal government’s marketing team and replace it with an all female marketing team.

This might help us to have more faith in those we have chosen to lead our country.


 Harry Johnson, Iluka