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Boat and Windows

Capture   Wow! What an exciting day was Saturday 17th October. This day was the culmination of months of hard work and lots of prayers; the day when Bishop Sarah MacNeil of the Grafton Diocese came to Yamba at the request of Rev. Lyn Bullard of the Maclean Parish to launch and bless the “Church on the Clarence”, a 17½ metre houseboat, and an extension to the Maclean Parish. After the boat blessing we gathered at the RSL Hall in Yamba for a lunch when Bishop Sarah and her husband Ian had an opportunity to meet with the many people there. At 2pm the next exciting celebration took place inside All Saints Church with the blessing by Bishop Sarah of two beautiful stained-glass windows donated by the Lindeman family and created by Penny Stuart. Mr Peter Lindeman described (to much amusement), how the idea of the windows came about. Penny Stuart told of the process of the manufacturing of the windows from the first approach by the Parish, to the idea of the message based on Luke 3:22, to the final installation. The windows have created a much needed vision of light and beauty to All Saints Church and will be a source of inspiration and comfort to all who attend there. We thank God for the inspiration and hard work that has gone into these two magnificent creations.