Better relationships, health and worklife after taking a big holiday

Yes, you heard me right, the new Annual [Leave] Report from Tourism Australia has found that bigger breaks have a positive impact on much more than just your social feed! In fact, big holidays are beneficial to the moods, relationships, social and work lives too for those in NSW.

However, of the 29.4 million overnight trips taken by Aussies during 2020 – only 18 percent of these trips were five nights or more.

The new report showed that people from NSW who have been on a big trip (5 nights or more) are:

Better partners and more intimate:

  • People in NSW who have been on a big trip are three times more likely to be intimate, compared to those that haven’t (18% vs 7%) – the highest of any state
  • 57% of people in NSW who had taken a big holiday noticed positive changes in their relationship 

Happier and less irritable:

  • 57% of people in NSW who took a big holiday reported improvements to their overall mood

More likely to exercise:

  • Those in NSW are more likely to exercise consistently if they have been on a holiday 

More likely to be productive at work:

  • 86% of people in NSW who have taken a big holiday state they are productive, a 15% uplift compared to those who haven’t