“BAT OFF” the merry goes round

Yes, the bats have had enough meetings, discussions, alternative placed to get lost. What we need to realise is they don’t care what we think.
The wonderful idea you just make some habitat for them, and they just rush off knowing it’s exactly what we wanted, you need some imagination for that load of crap.
No 1. We need a big pit in case there is a bit of accidental damage.
No 2. Invite volunteers from the clay target clubs, council could supply all the shells, and then as they say, employ the (Big Bang Theory).
The bats can then find a lovely new home away from that meddlesome working group and other bat huggers, enjoying making their own decisions, better for everyone.
There might be a bit of mopping up for a little while but they will get the message very quickly, they are very smart – remember.
John Loeffler,