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BALANCE FITNESS & TRAINING helping to create a more balanced you

At Balance our aim is to help you create a body that moves and functions at its optimum. We do this by empowering you with functional fitness techniques that work.
This is aided by educating you on the importance of correctly fueling your body with nutrition that will create mindful eating habits.
Our passion is to see you have balance within your life as a whole. Too often we feel like we have so many plates spinning that it’s hard to keep them all going at the same time. With support and encouragement from us you can achieve balance to your everyday life, especially your fitness.
At Balance Fitness & Training we love fitness, we love training and we love seeing you get results.
Drop in and see us to have a chat and start your journey to a more balanced you.
Balance Fitness & Training, 2/4 Moongi Place, Yamba. Phone: 0422 362 643.