Aydan, that’s fantastic!


What a positive front page article in this week’s “Independent” (6/12/17) about Aydan, an unemployed young local who is “Doing the Right Thing” picking up roadside rubbish dumped by those who aren’t “Doing the Right Thing”.

I think Aydan’s efforts are the sort thing Henry Thoreau, that great American writer had in mind when he wrote:-

“We cannot do great things on this Earth

We can only do small things with great love.”

Last week I listened to very senior politicians from both the Coalition and Labor on ABC TV’s “War on Waste” program, passing the buck explaining how difficult it was for them to ban single-use plastic bags or bring in  nation-wide Container Deposit Legislation for beverage packaging.

I put these sorry politicians we have elected into the same boat as those roadside litterers whose rubbish this young guy has picked up because he’s determined to make a better country for our children.

And another quote comes to mind for both our political luminaries and the litter louts; this quote from Olegas Truchanas, a Hungarian immigrant who put the South West Wilderness of Tasmania on the tourist map.

“If you love your country, you will look after it.”

Many thanks Aydan and all the best in the future you choose.

PS. Happy Christmas Geoff and the staff of the “Independent”.

Harry Johnson,