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(L-R) Richie Williamson, Chris Robertson and Deyann McDonnell. Image: contributed

Awards for Lions Club of Maclean and Lion Chris Robertson

With last week being Volunteer’s Week, MP Richie Williamson awarded Lions Club of Maclean, NSW Local Achievement Award for all the hard work done at the Return and Earn site in Townsend, by a dedicated group of Lions volunteers.

This award was received by the Club President, Deyann McDonnell. He also presented Chris Robertson an Individual Award for outstanding volunteer work, going beyond what is expected. Chris not only spends many hours helping out at Return and Earn helping to make it the success that it is, but he is also the resident MacGyver, solving any problem that may arise, usually creating a handy labour-saving gadget. You will find Chris on site, every day that we are open, with a smile on his face and ready to count the containers.

Lions Club of Maclean have 24 active Friends of Lions volunteers who are largely responsible for the success of the project and Lions have processed over 2 million items in the first 18 month of operations re-opening after Covid. This has contributed more than $200 000 into the local community over and above what Lions have donated with their earnings from the project.

Tracy Smith