At what cost?

Dear Ed,

On Monday October 12, I was driving out of Yamba on Yamba Road just past Oyster Channel bridge when one of the behemoth trucks transporting soil to Carrs Road development sites roared past throwing up a shower of rocks that smashed my windscreen.

This is yet another unseen cost that residents are paying for this development. Our roads are suffering from the wear and tear these heavy vehicles cause and I guess ratepayers will pay the bill for repair. Apart from congestion, air and noise pollution there will be other impacts that these works will bestow on the residents of Yamba apart from car damage. St James Primary School in Carrs Road might become St James Lake when we next have a flood event, as all that run-off has to go somewhere. In the meantime respirable dust from earthworks will continue to pervade the school and local residents.

Who is monitoring the pollution from these works, what are the impacts from sediment and contaminate run-off into the local marine environment?

So I ask, what is the true cost and who pays?

Trevor  Bardsley, Yamba