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At a glance: NSW’s refreshed regional vision

:A key finding in its ‘Vision Refresh’”, says the NSW Government, “is that all economies – international, national and local – need to be ready to respond to greater levels of economic and social uncertainty. “The updated analysis reflects the unique challenges faced by regional communities from a changing climate, rising geopolitical tensions and the unknown long-term impacts of COVID-19.” Emerging sectors: Advanced manufacturing, renewable energy and gas, and technology-enabled primary industries. Future industries: Critical minerals – to meet technological demand, ecotourism, recycling and waste management, and high quality food products. New investment areas: Visitor economy infrastructure, and affordable and accessible energy – to induce investment in manufacturing and other energy intensive industry, including support for domestic gas as well as continued support for renewable energy zones. Fifty new priorities (emphasising): Common user infrastructure, digital connectivity, tourism, education and skills, and major place-based investments such as Special Activation Precincts and Renewable Energy Zones. The NSW Government has listed eight guiding principles to drive it’s refreshed vision. 1: Affordable, reliable and fast mobile and internet connectivity to support people and businesses. 2: Improved travel between regional centres and from regional centres and international gateways. 3: Freight networks that will increase the competitiveness of key regional sectors. 4: Reliable accessible water and energy. 5: A skilled labour force for current and future needs of the regions. 6: Recognising each region’s strengths and underlying endowments. 7: Regulation and planning to promote commercial opportunities. 8: Sustainable economies and communities are better able to recover from shocks. For a full rundown of the refreshed 20-year Economic Vision for Regional NSW go to