Anyone for Tennis?

Maclean ladies’ tennis starts this week.

Maclean ladies’ tennis competition commences March 18 at 8.30am. The number 1 and 2 players will start the matches.

The teams are:

1) McAulay – Sue M, Di S, Chris F, Connie B.

2) Neill – Anne N, Hariet W, Jenny Mc, TBA. 

3) McKenzie – Julie M, Sue C; Lynda K, Sharon T. 

4) Mitchell – Jo M, Prue H, Jenny G, Jessie Mc.  

5) Dredge – Kaye D, Kerry D, Jenny W, Naoko.

For the first week of play Mitchell’s team is on the bye.  

It is wonderful to see so many of our players keen and ready to start. Players are reminded to bring their own cups and morning tea/lunch as we are still observing COVID-19 restrictions. Tea, coffee and milk will be provided by the committee.

We would still encourage new players to give the competition a try, we do need a No 4 player as a priority. New players for our 2021 competition are always welcome and we look forward to meeting those who have already indicated they are joining us.

Our competition is a fun one with a focus on enjoyable matches and the social aspect of catching up with our fellow players.

Enquiries can be made to Sue on 0408 353 503 or Lynda on 0423 131 029.


Lynda Kriflik