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Storm cell over Yamba, February 2020

Anticipated severe weather event

The Bureau of Meteorology will hold a Media Conference today (Sunday) ahead of anticipated heavy rainfall, strong winds and dangerous surf across part of the state.

Although most districts are expected to see some showers on Sunday, rainfall is forecast to become more focused across southeastern New South Wales, and possibly parts of the ACT, during Monday as a low pressure system intensifies off the coast.  

The Bureau of Meteorology, State Emergency Service and NSW Police Force are urging people to monitor the situation and watch for updates or warnings.  It is possible this rainfall could lead to flooding in some areas as the event progresses.

People travelling for school holidays, especially those visiting unfamiliar areas, should pay particular attention to any warnings.  Strong or damaging winds will be a risk along parts of the coast, as will dangerous surf conditions.

While, the system does still have the potential to reach the Bureau’s thresholds to be categorised as an East Coast Low in coming days, if it does, it is most likely to be at the lower end of that scale.


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