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Animals at HappyPaws Haven in need of a home


Coralee arrived at the house of one of our volunteers not long after someone nearby had moved away. The volunteer asked around the neighbourhood whether anyone owned this beautiful tabby with a friendly nature and no-one came forward. So she bought it to Happy Paws Haven as she could not keep it herself, she had a Jack Russell who was not overly fond of cats! At first we thought she was pregnant but after a month of observation and being wormed we came to the conclusion that she was not. She is a quiet cat that just seems to blend in without causing any problems. She does not mind living in a multi-cat household and she would also be fine on her own. She is not a demanding in your face cat at all. She is just a lovely gentle cat who is extremely affectionate. She does have an eye that seems to be susceptible to irritation from dust and needs bathing with salt water occasionally.
Josephine is one of the J-Team who was rescued with their mother as her owner was moving and was not able to take her and her kittens with her in early March 2016, not long before Easter! Mum is very affectionate, very friendly and has already found a home. All her kittens take after her! Josephine is a beautiful mischievous affectionate loving semi long hair young cat just over a year old with matching nature and playful as all young cats can be. She is desexed, chipped and immunised ready for her new home.
Naton is a member of the N-Team, a litter of 8 pups were surrendered in October 2015 they were about 7-8 weeks old at that time. They are border collie cross with a Bull Arab or Dane. They have lovely soft natures; they are slightly timid so need more socialising. They love cuddles and want to be with people. They are gentle souls so need a loving environment to continue their development. They are normal playful young dogs that would make a good watch dog as they are often the first to bark when someone new arrives. They have had all their vaccinations, been desexed and microchipped so are ready for their new homes. There are four left as four have already found homes.
Dexter was found abandoned on a highway by a person passing through. Although he was chipped and his owner contacted they had rehomed him some time ago. The owner tried to contact the new owner but she denied any knowledge of ownership. The original owner did not want him back as they already had other dogs. He is a very typical staffy who needs to be with people, love and protect his owner and would make a great companion. He gets on with some other similar dogs, jealousy can be a curse, and is very good with people and I am not sure if I would not trust him with a cat. He is now desexed microchip and vaccinated ready for his new home.
Jill was rescued as a kitten towards the end of last year. Two ladies arrived late one afternoon with 10 cats and kittens as they were homeless and had nowhere to live. Thankfully we had a lovely foster carer who look them all in until they were old enough to be desexed etc. Jill is a beautiful black and white very affectionate and loving young cat, loved being stroked and often demanding of cuddles. These friendly young cats are all well, happy, playful, mischievous, vet checked, immunised, micro-chipped and desexed now ready for their new loving homes
Looking for a loving gentle loyal friend Beau is the man for you. He loves being around the family and enjoys a day out with you too. He gets on well with his canine friends and would love to do some training with you too. He is a sook as he loves his toys and prefers someone from his family around most of the time. He is happy to play with children especially those already at school. Beau is a lovely chap already desexed chipped immunised and ready to go to a loving home.


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