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Angelic cold-crawling at midnight

Occarock celebrate Aussie pub rock at the Yamba Shores Tavern this Saturday night January 28.


The boys in Occarock take great pride in pulling a crowd. In fact they love to drown punters in huge and intense in-your-face pub rock. After 10 years of solid gigging the group says that’s how Aussie rock should be played … and with passion.
The repertoire features classics from the ’70s through to today, so everyone in the room knows the songs. “Aussie rock has its own edge,” the trio says. “It represents all of us, and reflects the emotions of our nation at the time. And what is the best way to celebrate it? Pay tribute to it.”
The group does throw a few international artists into the mix, though, because “really, we had to pay homage to some of our personal influences”.
Go all patriotic at the Yamba Shores Tavern this Saturday night with Occarock.