Andrew Madden takes Grafton Swim Club 25 metre final

It was a lovely surprise last Tuesday week to see Tracey Hill show up for her first winter swim and we all hope that this will become a regular appearance.

Also, a huge thank you is extended to Cheryl and Terry Barnes for helping with time keeping during the night.

A no-nonsense standard programme was in store for members last week but the final of the 25m freestyle sprint only had three starters because everyone in the second heat was disqualified for speeding.

Making the final were the very consistent Richard Sear, Terry Marsh and Sharon Welch. With very little handicap separating the three swimmers they travelled up the pool almost as one, but it was Searsy who touched first and recording a 19.36 off a nominated 20 seconds was very hard to beat.

Marshy, recording an 18.72 off a nominated 19 was second and Sharon took third place.

Jenny Vickery was the only female to make the 50m final and she was up against strong opposition in the form of Steve Donnelly, David Moon and Damien O’Mahony.

Jenny, on handicap, took to the water first and was followed at intervals by the lads.

Three quarters of the way home the gap between the swimmers had closed considerably and it promised to be a tight finish. Jenny touched just ahead of Marno but with breaks of 1.28 and .34 seconds they were both disqualified.

Moony was next home and swimming a 28.22 off a nominated 29 scored the win with Steve taking second place with a time of 35.31 off a 36.

The last final of the night saw Richard Sear, Andrew Madden, Geoff Simkus and Jenny Vickery in the water hoping to win the Wykes Tyrepower Cup.

Once again not a lot of handicap separated the swimmers although Jenny, just having swum the 50m, was considered a rough chance.

The swimmers churned up the water as they covered the 25m distance and timekeepers stepped back to avoid being sprayed by the flying water.

The judge scratched his head and announced a D, and a D and another D in the B B and B.

Yes, Searsy had busted by 1.88, Jenny by 1.91 and Geoff by .25 so this left a very triumphant Andrew to claim the win and ownership of the cup for the next month.

Toni Ensbey