And who is May Ford you ask?

May Ford is now the best known croquet player in the Clarence Valley. At 95 years old she made her first jump shot, the most technically difficult shot in croquet. On Facebook she has been congratulated by players from the USA, UK, Egypt, NZ and all round Australia.

There was a huge smile on Louise Lowe’s face after she beat Ricochet Champion Peter Martin. It was not just a victory it was a thrashing 14-6. Rusty Case had a hard day, both her opponents pegging out.

In Golf Croquet, Sunday’s rain had slowed down Monday’s lawns much to Phil Jordan’s delight. He had four big victories, closely followed by Ken Davison with three wins and one loss. Kathy Schofield and Ken Davison each nailed a jump shot.

In GC over Thursday and Saturday, Keith Brody’s high power play paid off with five wins and no losses, plus a jump shot, just ahead of Peter and Gillian Martin who each had four wins and one loss. Outlasting everyone was Phyl Harrison who played six long matches.

Ann and Tony Williams had their first taste of AC in a doubles match with Peter Deeth and Peter Martin. Tony excelled at shot making, particularly roquets, and Ann quickly understood the strategies. Gillian Martin won 14-9 against Sue Deeth. At the end of the week Sue Deeth beat Gillian Martin 16-14. Peter Deeth took on the combined efforts of Simon Cook and Peter Martin, but was far too good for them winning 26-8, with time to spare.

Peter Martin