And we were not even going to shoot

At the best of times 900 yards is an unpopular range and threats of inclement weather doesn’t make it much better.  However, the eight foolhardy who decided to take up the challenge of the 900 yard mound were treated to the best conditions that Grafton had to offer with very little wind, no mirage and cloud cover. Despite the great conditions that didn’t help preventing the dreaded idiot shot.

Three possibles were shot with Nick Cock shooting a 50 with 6 after a sabbatical from the range and Chris McKenzie shooting a pair of 50s both with 8 centers.

As can be ascertained from the possibles shot section, the winner of both the Grafton Shoppingworld Butchery top off rifle trophy and the handicap trophy went to the “millennium kid” Chris McKenzie shooting a pair of 50’s both with 8 centers for an off rifle score of 100 with 16 centers, with his handicap of 3.5 added he took home the handicap trophy with an aggregate score of 103.5.

F-class was almost a non-event, however we managed to scrounge up a couple of shooters; with new shooter Brendan Watkins beating veteran visitor from Canberra, Cedric May. He shot a 53 and a 52 with 2 centers and took home the Grafton Shoppingworld Butchery top off rifle trophy with an off rifle score of 105.

Next week Rimfire class will be out at the Rimfire shed for the 90 meter prone event. Sign on at 8.30 for a 9am start followed by handguns, after which we will be back at the 300 yard mound, aiming for a 1pm start.

Would you like to try target shooting in a safe and friendly environment? Do you have no experience or no license? Well fear not as Grafton Rifle Club would like to welcome anyone thinking about taking shooting as a sport. For any enquiries you can contact the Grafton Rifle Club Facebook page or simply make your way to the range on any Saturday. The range is located at 434 Trenayr Road, opposite the Koppers Log Mill and adjacent to the Experiment Farm.


Target rifle               1st          2nd        h/cap     agg

Chris McKenzie        50.8       50.8       3.5         103.5

Nick Cock                 48.1       50.6       2.5         100.5

Ian Griffiths             43.1       46.1       6.5         97.5

Tony O’Keeffe          42.2       49.7       2.5         93.5

Dave Grundy            47.4       44.2       2.5         93.5

Lester Robinson      44.3       45.2       2.5         91.5


Brendan Watkins     53          52.2                     105.2

Cedric May                52.1       52.1                     104.2