Ambulance service for Iluka – a hot topic

Ed, It was extremely gratifying to see 300 local residents attending Friday’s meeting at the Iluka Bowls Club. The residents demanded action on an ambulance service for Iluka from our local Member, Chris Gulaptis MP and Deputy Premier, John Barillaro MP, both present at the meeting. There were various issues raised from the floor concerning the need for a local ambulance service but one factor not raised at the meeting was the increasingly common adverse health effects caused by the more frequent high temperatures that have been occurring in recent years, for these higher temperatures are causing considerable distress to our more elderly community members. Our grandchildren who don’t yet have a vote in their future will be delighted when 300 local residents have a meeting to demand our politicians from all major parties start to take serious action on climate change, an issue of great concern to so many children not yet old enough to vote. Many thanks to the organising team who engendered so much community interest in the need for an ambulance service for Iluka. Harry Johnson, Iluka