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Rescues and Surrenders

We are limiting the number of animals being rescued as you know! No cats rescued this week. We have however rescue 4 dogs but one did not make it out here. One was a pup from the litter we rescued at the end of May. One is a beautiful red pure kelpie as his owner died last Monday at 54 from a heart attack, and the other beautiful German Shorthair pointer cross due to a young couple wanting to travel. We have to be very careful when re-homing our dogs and cats making sure they are in the correct and loving environment for their needs, breed and temperament.


We have had a good week for adoptions of dogs! We have had a wonderful week for adoptions of dogs! We have three dog adoptions, but no cat adoptions, Buddy12 went to his new home in Melbourne, Pepper went to Moonee Beach and Lucy the Beagle went to a lovely home on Palmers Island. The feedback from the owners is that they are all settling in well.


Now for the Animals who need a home

Helena is a small gentle cat who was surrendered to us as her owner could no longer keep her. She is a beautiful quiet loving young cat who loves kisses and affection. She is such a gentle soul and as such would be better off in a reasonably quiet household. She is fine with other animals and with people, but noisy children would probably over whelm her. She is micro-chipped, immunised, de-sexed, wormed and de-flead.
The P-team were one of the litters from Maclean last year, there were three apricot boys (Pele, Penn & Pete), two blue boys (Peppin & Perry), beautiful blue girl (Peggy) and a blue and apricot torti girl (Perdy) who looks just like her mother and has already found a loving home. They are all beautiful friendly affectionate mischievous playful young cats. Perry is like a big cuddly bear, he loves being with you, being cuddled and is very affectionate while at the same time not being in your face. When I pick him up he just cuddles into my shoulder and purrs, it gives you a wonderful feeling. They are all desexed, microchipped and immunised now ready for their new homes.
Kimi came to us with her mother and 4 siblings early in 2017. Her mother was found on a vacant property with no form of identification and no one knowing where she came from so we called her Kinky as she had a kink in her tail and some of the offspring do too! Kimi is a beautiful black and white teenager who has come from a lovely family. She can be a little shy when first meeting you but is extremely affectionate gentle loving playful young cat once she gets to know you who has been desexed, vaccinated and micro-chipped ready for his new home.
Cussi is a very reluctant surrender, the owner became homeless due to being too trusting of someone she had helped so her daughter took her in but her daughter already had a dog so said she could not have her dog with her. He is far too nice a dog to be put down. He is part Kelpie and part Greyhound which makes him a lovely dog, he loves being with people and is very affectionate. He is great with other dogs. He is house trained, loves cuddles and kids. He is great fun and would make a wonderful family dog. He has not got a mean bone in his body. He is de-sexed micro-chipped and immunised ready for his new home..
Brogue came to us as his owner could no longer keep him. He is a Maremma cross. He gets on with other dogs but is better when there is an older dog to keep him in his place. He needs his owner to be fair but firm and to have something for him to do as he is a very smart dog. He needs to be on a property where there is space or with someone that enjoys an active life as he can be his own worst enemy if he is bored with nothing to do. He is a beautiful young boy who would love a young man to play with. Not long ago a dog was surrendered and was in the yard next to him, there was a locked gate between them but somehow Brogue’s leg hot under the fence/gate and the other dog had a go at it which resulted in Brogue losing a toe. It is all healed now and he is managing very well without it. He is a guardian dog so needs to be looking after something another animal or a human or something. Unlike a lot of Maremma’s he loves being with humans. He has been desexed chipped immunised
On one Saturday in the middle of December, 2017 late in afternoon someone surrendered a dog called Sullivan or Sulli for short, saying that they could not look after it anymore. They said it had hot spots so I was not too worried as we have had dogs before with hotspots and with the right treatment have cleared up quickly. Sullivan is beautiful loving gentle dog that would be a great companion to someone. What we found were not hot spots but third degree burns. He has been through a long healing process and is such a beautiful natured dog with a wonderful loving playful temperament, he is just amazing to say the least, we have started to train him with three other dogs scenting which is a new dog sport activity and he is doing very well. The burns are healed and the fur is growing back but there will always be some scaring but he is a very special man who deserves a very special loving home where he is allowed inside with the family not outside on a chain. He is house and crate trained. He is like all our animals desexed immunised microchipped and regularly treated for parasites and heartworm


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