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All I want for Christmas…?

Emma Pritchard

With Christmas fast approaching, many Clarence Valley residents are out and about doing some last-minute shopping, busily wrapping (and hiding) presents, and stocking up the fridge in preparation for family gatherings and traditional holiday festivities.

Children have been on their best behaviour as they try to stay off the naughty list ahead of Santa’s annual visit, and loved ones are looking forward to catching up once more after many weeks, months, and in some instances, years apart.

Recently, the Clarence Valley Independent spoke to several locals and visitors and asked them what they want for Christmas this year.

Claudine Sobonya: My five-year-old son and my three-year-old daughter love Bluey, and they’ve been begging for Bluey toys this Christmas. They’ve been on their best behaviour so maybe Bluey will be under our Christmas tree this year. I’ll be happy if I get a sleep in on Christmas Day.

Helen Newitt: My family and I don’t buy a lot of presents for each other. Usually, my sisters and I visit our mum in Tamworth on Christmas Day and we all have a roast pork for lunch. Mercifully, since the Queensland border has finally reopened, my eldest sister who lives in Brisbane will be able to drive down and join us this year, which will be wonderful. That will make it a really special time for our family this Christmas.

Rebekah Cookson: My sons love playing computer games, so my husband has been trying to find some new games online for them. I know nothing about computer games, so I leave that side of the Christmas shopping to him because he knows what they want.

Dennis Gregson: I don’t worry about buying presents. My wife and I just have a quiet Christmas at home together. I think more people should be concentrating on spending Christmas with the people they care about because this bloody pandemic has stopped a lot of families from doing that for so long.

Lottie Fairchild: I really hope Santa brings me some more Barbie clothes. I think I’ve been good this year, so I hope I get what I want.

Drew Cromwell: My dad bought a heap of hiking equipment earlier this year and I got a new pair of hiking boots as an early Christmas present so we can go bushwalking. Dad reckons I have big feet and they grow too fast, so he gave me my Christmas present last month because he didn’t think I would fit in them if he waited until Christmas Day.

Sacha Higgins-Well: The best Christmas present I could get this year would be going to the Gold Coast (finally) to see my mates, party hard and see my cousin’s new baby, even though the kid is a toddler now.

Harper Khelhn: I don’t know what I want for Christmas because I haven’t talked to Santa yet.