Community News

All Grafton U3A activities put on hold

Greetings from the President and Committee.

At this time we would expect that everyone will be aware that ALL activities of the U3A are suspended until further notice because of the Government decisions, impacting on meetings and gatherings due to the spread of the coronavirus and the need for individuals, especially those of our age group, to stay at home in isolation and only venture out for absolute necessities such as shopping for food, medicines or other health related reasons and thereby limiting our exposure to becoming infected.

There is an old Chinese curse (China gets the blame for it again) that says ‘May you live in interesting times’ and these times would probably fall into that category. We are surely cursed by the events of this time.

Certainly, when using the language of the day, almost every news reporter will, ad nauseum, refer to the situation as being “unprecedented” we could add that they are “interesting”, nevertheless, we will one day (and hopefully, sooner than later) be able to return to our normal activities and look back on this period and say, “we survived” and was all the fuss and bother really so hard to live with.

So reluctantly, we must re-iterate, that the normal activities of the Grafton U3A have ceased for the foreseeable future and our April Jabberfest will not be held the week after Easter.

On behalf of President Alysan Pender and the management committee I wish everyone a Happy and Holy Easter even though the usual Easter activities will not be undertaken this year

Stay safely at home, be fit and well, read as many books as you can, keep in touch with friends and families using the telephone. Better times will surely be ahead. Regards and best wishes.

Brian Carter