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Age no barrier

Lynne Mowbray Erin Lavery of Grafton may only be 12 years-old, but that has not stopped her from chasing down her dream (casual) job. The keen young lady recently set about writing her own resume for a job at Grafton’s popular ice cream cafe, ‘I Scream’. In her resume, Erin expressed her desire to join the team. ‘I’d like to have a job. I want to be the next skater girl waitress (serving customers while on roller skates),’ she wrote. Erin’s mother, Annie Lavery said that her daughter was super keen to have go. “It was the way she wrote her resume and the way that she presented herself, that got her the job,” said Annie. Despite life throwing her some curved balls along the way, Erin has not let that deter her from having a go. At the age of three, Erin had open heart surgery. “She’s a member of the ‘zipper club’, but this one’s no victim,” said Annie. “Outside of work she does dancing, gymnastics, netball and is in Girl Guides; I’m very proud of her,” she said. Erin said that her new job is very interesting and lots of fun. “There’s always something to do like serving ice cream or even just wiping down the tables,” said Erin. “I love the attitude of the staff and the customers are always very positive in here. “The ice cream is also very delicious,” she said. NB. There is no minimum legal age limit for starting work in NSW – NSW Industrial Relations.