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Affordable strength and balance classes for over 50s

An exciting and affordable exercise program for people aged 50-100+ has re-launched in Grafton.

Now is the time to rebuild your strength after the COVID-induced period of hibernation!

Living Longer Living Stronger is an innovative strength and balance program for older people. It involves progressive resistance training to improve your strength, balance and mobility, as well as having benefits for your overall energy and vitality.

The program was developed by COTA (Council on the Ageing) Australia. Your Living Longer Living Stronger instructors have all undertaken specialised training with COTA NSW which covers the needs of older people and how to work with the types of injuries and conditions that affect older people.

‘The beauty of the Living Longer Living Stronger program is that it is individually designed for each participant, and the instructors will take your specific needs and goals into consideration when

preparing your program,’ said COTA NSW CEO Meagan Lawson.

‘Moving and getting stronger has a flow-on effect on your general quality of life. You’ll be better able to carry shopping and play with your grandchildren, as well as reducing the risk of falls and other

injuries. And the classes are also a great way to meet new people.’

Local fitness professional Lois Robinson has been running the Living Longer Living Stronger Program since April. Participant Sue has been attending the classes and says she was walking more freely within a few weeks and now has considerably less pain.

‘When I came to Lois, I could only walk a few metres without severe knee and back pain caused by osteoarthritis and disk fusion,’ she said. ‘Lois explained that with specific non-load bearing exercises I should be able to build some muscle strength and improve my range of motion. It’s fun to be doing my own specific exercises but within a group so we get to have a laugh together.’

Lois is very pleased with Sue’s progress. ‘Sue was in a lot of pain, and it was amazing to see the difference in such a short time,’ she said. ‘All exercise can be adapted to any individual needs and conditions. It certainly just proves to me that exercise is the best medicine for your mind and body!’

Living Longer Living Stronger is very reasonably priced. You undertake an initial assessment to develop your personal program which costs $45, and from there classes cost $10 per session.

The classes are held at the Grafton PCYC, 300 Powell St. Contact Lois on 0429 930 221 for more information and to book your assessment.