About an Age – Uniquely Australian Film

Bounty Films is excited to announce the global video-on-demand release of the coming-age-age drama About An Age. It will be available globally via Prime Video, Genflix and Vimeo on Demand on the 29th May.

It’s Friday night and five friends on the cusp of adulthood gather at a house to celebrate the end of another school week. They drink. They flirt. They laugh. They shoot the breeze. As the night grows later, the teens reach a state of alcohol-induced openness. They reveal secrets, crushes and an unintentionally cruel streak.

“We feel that people often weave their favourite coming-of-age films into their memory of childhood. In this way, it’s easy to feel like we spent some of our time growing up in the USA – lying on the football field from Dazed and Confused, getting through detention in The Breakfast Club, or driving down the streets of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. We’re proud to be adding a uniquely Australian recollection to this list.

About An Age lets us relive a time before we were completely aware of consequence, and presents adulthood through the eyes of those who haven’t lived it yet. It’s a nostalgic piece that provides an opportunity for each viewer to connect deeply with their own transition through adolescence. And not through an action-packed quest or heightened romance, but a simple night with your best mates.” – debut writer-directors Harley Hefford and Evan J Martin.

Stream Now:

Prime Video: https://bit.ly/aboutastream

Vimeo on Demand: https://bit.ly/aboutvimeo

Genflix: https://bit.ly/aboutgenflix