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Marea Buist shows Lawrence Museum members the original painting, ‘The Unveiling of the War Memorial: Lower Southgate’ (l-r) Roz Jones, Marie Besson, Julia Durance, Marea Buist, Sharon Kale, Prue Harrington, Narelle Chesworth, Pat Panzram, and Eulie Allen. Image: Contributed

A visit to the Port

Museums in the Clarence Valley are quite diverse and each presents a different story. Recently members of the Lawrence Museum visited the Port of Yamba Museum. They were welcomed by president Marea Buist, Lesley Pickering and Roger McLean.

Marea provided a guided tour, including a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how the Port of Yamba museums operates.

Roz Jones, of Lawrence Museum explained, “It was a great opportunity for everyone to share information and tips on display and storage. We each present a different style of museum, but it is important for us both to provide an interesting and informative experience of our own story, for our community and visitors to the Clarence Valley.”

One of the highlights of the tour was finding the original painting, ‘The Unveiling of the War Memorial: Lower Southgate’. It was painted by E. Short to commemorate Empire Day 1924. It features the Lawrence cadets, and the SS Favorite. The painting is featured on the back cover of the Port of Yamba publication, ‘Riverboats of the Clarence’, by Stuart Lee.

The upstream visitors very much appreciated the time given by the Port of Yamba staff to share their knowledge and experience, and enjoyed being tourists for a day.