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A Message from the Chamber of Commerce

Good Morning Everyone ,

As you are aware the NSW Government is providing financial support to ease the pressures on small business as a result of COVID-19.  One of the ways they are doing this is with a $10,000 Grant (not to be confused with the money paid via the Australian Tax Department)

NSW Business Chamber have informed us that there have been many businesses that have not applied for this, and concern has been raised.

Applications close on June 1st (an extension is being requested but at this point not yet guaranteed) , so please if you are eligible make sure you get your application in.

There is heaps of information on their website – as well as access to professional help if you need applying.


We would also really appreciate any feedback you could give us in regards to this grant application.  If you have applied and not been successful , or you are not eligible due to the criteria then we really need to hear from you.  Without feedback we are unable to let Government know why this has grant has not been taken up by business.  The more information we have the better, so please email the office and we can pass it on.


Rent expenses can be a huge issue

At times like this when there is not a great deal of income coming in for some.  So to get some of the most up to date information we have been asked to let you all know that there is an interview with the NSW Minister for Small Business – Damien Tudehope available to listen to on the “kick start your day with damo facebook page” which was recorded and played last Friday.
The Minister gives extremely good information for tenants and landlords to do with commercial and retail leases.
He also speaks about the National Code of Conduct for Landlords and tenants.
The information is available through Service NSW and is a very interesting read and very helpful, especially for retail or commercial tenants who may be struggling to negotiate with their landlord.

We are hoping that this information may make it easier for you all.