A head (knock) above the rest

With Easter but a recent memory a dedicated group of 13 shooters took up the challenge of the 800 yard mound but were pleased with the mild conditions Grafton has been treating us with in recent weeks, with a choppy gusting wind, an almost non-existent mirage and bright light.

Three possibles were shot on the day, all in Target rifle, with Dave Grundy shooting a 50 with 3, Dennis Hilton shot a 50 with 4 and Peter Brown topped all with a 50 with 5.

The Grafton Shoppingworld Butchery top off rifle trophy went down to count back with both Dennis Hilton (who is still shooting great even after an incident at Inverell), and Peter Brown landing on the score of 99 with 11 centers.  However, Peter’s 50 with 5 centers beat the B Grade burglars 50 with 4.  Peter finished with a 49 with 6 and a 50 with 5.  Speaking of burglars, the winner of the handicap honors was none other than the C Grade burglar himself, Dave Grundy.  With 48 with 3 centers, 50 with 3 centers and a handicap (which I’m sure will be lowered), of 4.5 he took home the handicap honors with a score of 102.5

In F-class John Bloomer won the Grafton Shoppingworld Butchery top off rifle trophy again to no one’s surprise, shooting a 56 with 2 centers and a 59 with 5 centers, his top off rifle score ended up being 115 with 7 centers. Handicap honors went to Mark Millard; still glowing from his trip to Inverell, he brought an old rifle out of the cupboard and posted at least one decent score, a 52 with 1 center a 57 with 3 centers and a handicap of 16 gave him an aggregate score of 125.

Last week a group of eight shooters from Grafton made their way over the hill to Inverell for the Easter prize meet with some success. In target rifle A Grade Nick Abrahall came in at 4th place, target rifle B Grade was won by Dennis Hilton with Chris McKenzie sneaking in at 3rd place. Target rifle C Grade was burgled by Dave Grundy and John Bloomer came in at 3rd place in F-class standard A Grade.

Next week field class will be out at the 300 yard mound for the prone event. Sign on at 8.30 for a 9am start followed by small-bore immediately afterwards, after which we will be shooting 900 yards, aiming for a 1pm start

Would you like to try target shooting in a safe and friendly environment? Do you have no experience or no license? Well fear not as Grafton Rifle Club would like to welcome anyone thinking about taking shooting as a sport. For any enquiries you can contact the Grafton Rifle Club Facebook page or simply make your way to the range on any Saturday. The range is located at 434 Trenayr Road, opposite the Koppers Log Mill and adjacent to the Experiment Farm. 


Target rifle         1st          2nd         h/cap     agg

Dave Grundy      48.3       50.3       4.5         102.5

Dennis Hilton     49.7       50.4       2.5         101.5

Peter Brown        49.6       50.5       0.5         99.5

Derek Higgins    48.3       48.4       3            99

Chris McKenzie 48.3       47.4       3.5        98.5

Lester Robinson 49.3       47.3       2.5         98.5

Wayne Pearson   45.3       48.4       4.5         97.5

Griffo                  48.4       43.4       6.5         97.5

Tony O’Keeffe    48.3       47.4       0.5         95.5

Steve Small         44.4       46.3       2            92


Mark Millard      52.1       57.3       16          125

John Bloomer     56.2       59.5       7.5         122.5

Sue Bloomer       54.2       51          14.5       119.5

Chris McKenzie