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A bit powerless


The closure of the Commonwealth Bank in Maclean is causing a lot of distress to the people of Maclean.

While the Lower Clarence Branch of Labor understands this was a commercial decision and therefore there is no political pull possible to change this decision, the Branch members understand the difficulty this closure will cause many of Maclean’s residents.

The Post Office is already extremely busy catering for other banks which have left town, the payment of several bills such as telecommunications and services as well as the extraordinary increase in the use of the postal service. This makes for a long wait.

The Post Office cannot deal with pass books and requires people to have a card. Many Maclean people still use pass books.

There is also the loss of the face-to-face advice on financial matters and another problem for local businesses with their daily takings etc.

Yamba is a long way when you do not have a car or cannot drive.

We know there are two other banks in town and people may have to consider changing their bank all together. Very hard when you are elderly and started with the Commonwealth at school.

Our members feel a bit powerless in this situation but really want the Maclean community to know we have lots of sympathy for their plight.

Christine Robertson

Lower Clarence Labor Branch Secretary