6th time lucky for Coutts Crossing croquets’ Peter Martin

Peter Martin is Coutts Crossing’s ‘Association Croquet Champion’ for 2020. In a round robin tournament he lost only one game. This is his first club championship at the sixth attempt. Peter Deeth was runner up.

The ‘Golf Croquet’ week started with 16 games and 161 hoops run. Only Paul Schofield was unbeaten with three well deserved victories. The Williams had five wins and three losses between them. The Wilsons went one better with six wins and two losses, and the Wrights had four wins and two losses. Betty Taylor is our most experienced player having started playing in the 1990s. After a long break she is again showing her old form and started with two excellent wins. Hoop to hoops and jump shots are becoming so common that only shots in exceptional circumstances will be recorded in future.

In ‘Ricochet’ Gillian Martin had the only peg out in a 14-8 win over Louise Lowe. Rusty Case and Peter Martin had a hard fought match which went to a golden hoop with Peter winning 11-10 after the bell.

Thursday saw the first appearance of Gill Goddard, who immediately showed the skills necessary to succeed at croquet, and quickly grabbed her first hoops. The surprise of the day was when Peter Martin teamed up with Gill and lost to nonagenarians Pet McLennan and May Ford, to everyone’s amusement.

Saturday saw the returns of Cave Steiner and Jan and Keith Brodie after several weeks away. The Brodies had five wins and two losses. Bill Gauci had another good day.

Sunday saw the ‘Association’ players return to social play. Peter Deeth had his best ever start; 12 hoops in his first turn and beat Peter Martin 26-12 while Gillian Martin topped Sue Deeth 12-10.

Peter Martin is the 2020 AC Champion. Image: contributed.