Our koalas are in decline


According to the Australian Koala Foundation, in the last three years, there has been a 30% loss of koala numbers Australia-wide, with our State having the worst koala loss, a staggering decline of 41% since 2018.

What a shameful record for Australia’s most loved wild creature. 

Do we want our children and grandchildren to still be able to see Australia’s most iconic creature out in the bush? If so, isn’t it about time that we demanded our Federal politicians bring into law a Koala Protection Act to do just that?

Over the past few years, there has been a huge amount of land cleared particularly across NSW and Queensland, so we can’t say one political party is any better than the other political party but we can ask all our politicians to try to ensure that in future prime koala habitat won’t be destroyed forever.

But if we want to ensure that our koalas, our children and grandchildren inherit a land that is fit to live in, isn’t it about time we demanded that all of our politicians now at long last start to address our climate catastrophe so that there will be a long-term tomorrow for both people and koalas?

Everyone remembers the Black Summer bush fires, the extreme droughts and extended heatwaves which were all exacerbated by our climate catastrophe But when you realise that in this part of Australia our koalas preferred summer temperature is only 27 degrees, if koalas could vote they too would vote for our climate catastrophe to be addressed now.

Breathe safely and all the best in the future you choose for our children and our koalas.

Harry Johnson, Iluka