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Which Easter Eggs and chocolates were the most popular with Clarence Valley residents this year? Image: Emma Pritchard.

Another Easter, another good excuse to eat chocolate

Emma Pritchard

As the Easter Bunny goes back to their burrow to rest and start planning next year’s Easter Egg hunts and other holiday activities, many of us are recovering from sugar highs and chocolate overdoses.

It’s easy to binge on chocolate during Easter.

Let’s face it, it’s easy to binge on chocolate at any time of the year.

A 2018 report on Australia’s chocolate consumption by IBISWorld revealed shoppers spent more than $200 million on delicious treats, with premium brands and classic favourites Haigh’s and Lindt among the most popular selections.

A large percentage of the overall sum was contributed to Easter chocolate sales.

Eating chocolate Easter Eggs and bunnies at this time of year has become a popular tradition and it’s one which children always look forward to.

With many Australians in lockdown throughout 2020 and the unfortunate cancellation of several Easter events, many of us stayed indoors and, well, ate chocolate.

While Easter went ahead this year, albeit with stringent Covid-19 restrictions in place, there was still plenty of fun for kids who enjoyed participating in Easter Egg hunting and for the big kids who enjoyed a special occasion to relax and enjoy an extra piece of chocolate, or several.

But which Easter Eggs and chocolates were the most popular this year?

The Clarence Valley Independent hit the streets to find out what our resident chocoholics were after in 2021 and what their favourite Easter Eggs are…


Freya Jackson: You can’t beat the Red Tulip chocolate bunnies. They’re the best ones.


Georja Freeman: Lindt milk chocolate bunnies have always been my favourite. I buy them every year as soon as they hit the shelves, literally. They’re so delicious, I reckon I ate about a dozen of them even before Easter arrived this year.


Thomas Wilkes: I like the Cadbury chocolate Easter bunnies because they’re the yummiest.


Braiden Kellot: I don’t really have a favourite brand of chocolate. I love chocolate so I usually just buy any Easter eggs. The hardest part is keeping them hidden from the kids because if they find them, mate, all you’ll find afterwards are bits of foil and smudged fingerprints all over the place.


Gilbert Family: We all love the Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolate Easter eggs. We watch Netflix and eat a few packets together.


Ryan Leslie: I tried the Darrell Lea licorice Easter Eggs and they were pretty tasty. Yeah, I’d buy them again.


Leith Geoffrey-Hay: How can you go past the Cadbury milk chocolate eggs? They’re classic.


Montannah Schumacher: I like the Kinder Surprise chocolates because my mum always buys them for me.


Amy Rushmore: It’s difficult to choose my favourite Easter chocolate, but the Cadbury crème eggs and mini eggs are my weaknesses. I always have to buy some and I always eat both packets together.


Ellira Druant: I don’t eat a lot of chocolate because I don’t really like sugary foods, but the Cadbury Easter Eggs are always a hit with the kids. They’re our yearly treat.


Melissa Ford: Red Tulip make the best Easter chocolates because they’re so delicious and creamy.


Leena Travis Hodge: I don’t really buy a lot of chocolate, but I usually get a few of the Cadbury milk chocolate Easter Eggs for my daughters.


Hanna Lee: I spend about $300 on Easter Eggs and chocolates every year. I love the Lindt chocolate bunnies and the Cadbury mini eggs the most. My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy to spend so much on chocolate at Easter when I can buy it at any time of the year, but it’s a special occasion.


David Rogers: I don’t eat a lot of chocolate, but the kids love the Cadbury crème eggs so my wife always makes me buy a few packets for my sons and daughter. We hide them all over the house in really tricky spaces, so it buys us a bit of free time while the kids try and find them all. Sometimes it takes them hours, but they’re persistent.