100% for Jeannie Doolan at Yamba

Fifty ladies vied for the last of 2020’s monthly medals last Wednesday September 2. Jeannie Doolan’s hard work was duly rewarded as she scooped the pool, winning every prize available to her, including best overall putting.

The monthly medals were awarded to Jeannie (A Grade), Lyn Rowland (B Grade) and Dulcie Nurse (C Grade). In the daily competition, Div 1 winner (69), gross winner (87 c/b) and best putter (28) was Jeannie Doolan. Lyn Rowland was the winner and gross winner of Div 2 with scores of 71 and 96. Toni Elliott was r/up (71 c/b) and Jenny Moody won the putting (30). Dulcie Nurse won Div 3 (67) as well as gross winner (106 c/b). Phyllis Telfer was the r/up (72) and best putter (31). NTPs were awarded to: (Yamba Medical Centre 3rd) Gail Scobie; (Yamba Florist, Debbie May 2nd on 3rd) Kay Caller; (Leonie May Millinery 2nd on 9th) Jill L. Brown; (Yamba Fair Butchery 10th) Sue Wilson; (The Shoe Boutique 12th) Penny Cope; (Clovelly Fashions 17th) Jane Bonner and (The Block 2nd on 17th) Dulcie Nurse. Balls were awarded to 75 c/b.

There were 11 ladies in last Wednesday’s nine-hole competition. With a three-way tie on 21pts, Colleen Bamback was named winner on countback ahead of Sonya McLennan and Susan Boyce. Wonderful scores, ladies! Colleen also won the NTP along with Judy Turnbull.

Last Friday’s Par event had 50 participants and with perfect playing conditions scores were excellent.

Div 1 winner was Sandra Wallace (+2) ahead of Leigh Robertson (Par). Carrie Aitken had a fantastic score of +4 to win Div 2 in front of r/up, Penny Cope (+2). In Div 3, Sonya McLennan played strongly to win with +3. Susan Boyce came in runner up with par. Great scores ladies! NTP winners were: (Flots and Jets 3rd) Jo King; (Valley Finance 2nd on 3rd) Judy Palich; (Peter Campbell Physio 2nd on 3rd) Janine Zietsch; (Kitchen To Table 10th) Jennifer Fagan; (Melt Massage & Beauty 12th) Wendy O’Brien; (Yamba Ladies 17th) Carrie Aitken and (Yamba Pharmacy 2nd on 17th)  Sandra Russo. Balls were awarded to -1.


There were some great scores last Saturday morning when six ladies played in their Stableford competition. Three ladies were tied on 36pts with Kathy Parker winning on c/b from Gwynne Thomas and Darrie Nightingale. Great golfing ladies!

Good luck to all for this week’s events which are both single Stableford. Finally, nominations for the September 23 27-hole Foursomes Championships can be made by completing the entry form which can be found on the ladies’ locker room table.

Happy golfing!

Leigh Robertson