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Wherrett Park playground upgrade on hold

Funds budgeted towards upgrading the Wherrett Park playground to ‘district’ standard have been diverted towards the construction of park facilities at Townsend Park.

At the June 23 Clarence valley Council (CVC) meeting, councillors unanimously supported using $140,000 of the $210,000 that had been earmarked for the Wherrett Park works, which were planned to be completed in 2020.

“The Wherrett Park playground will be deferred a year, to take advantage of the Lions Club grant that has been received for Townsend Park,” acting works and civil director Peter Birch wrote in an emailed response.

Mr Birch also said that CVC will review its asset management plan for playgrounds in 2021.

When asked if the unexpended $70,000 from the $210,000 allocated for Wherrett Park would be carried over to the following year, Mr Birch wrote: “Council will determine the budget for the 2021/22 year – that will be considered at the time – and intends to include provision for Wherrett Park playground.”

The council’s playground asset management plan defines district playgrounds as those which “primarily service a major town or urban area, or a small area planning district [where] most users drive more than 15 or 20 minutes to get there”.

The other relevant factors are:

  • Located within large neighbourhood parks or district parks which have a moderate carrying capacity;
  • Ideally not cited within 1.5km of another playground;
  • Playground that offers multiple play experiences and cater for a range of ages and abilities;
  • Support facilities (shade, seats, picnic tables, bins, BBQ’s);
  • Playground consists of 6-8 pieces of play equipment;
  • Maximum value of the playground facilities is approximately $140,000; and,
  • Maintain a current play rating score of 1 or 2.


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